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  1. I would suggest that they replase all the derogatory names with rainbow. Washington rainbows, Chicago rainbows etc. Everybody loves rainbows. Go rainbows!
  2. You should invest all your money to Gurkha cigars. They the best.
  3. We got rainbow trout yesterday. And we ate it today. It was good.
  4. I have been MD for 16 years and during that time I have noticed that people are not generally very smart!
  5. I have used many times any kind of sharp kitchen knife. Axe would also work.
  6. I still have one full box left. I can trade it into a rolex or car or similar...?
  7. I only meant that it´s hard to believe that one movie would have significant effect on global cigar sales like smokecigareveryday is saying. Thats all.
  8. I can´t believe that people around the world are very interested of MJ. There are other things that are more important.
  9. That looks really cool. I have been thinkin either fullu automatic Jura or Nuova sinonelli oscar 2 + eureca zenith grinder. since I can’t decide I have to drink regular coffee.
  10. I have special memories related to this NC. It was spring 2015 when I was with my friend in Chicago. We were travelling from Finland to Omaha Nebraska (Berkshire Hathaway shareholders annual meeting) and we stayd 3 night in Chicago. We visited Ivan Ries & co cigar lounge wich was great. We smoked E.P. la Historia paired with Jack Daniels and cherry coke. After visiting Chicago we went to Omaha Nebraska to see what Berkshire CEO Warren Buffet and his vice chairman Charlie Munger has to say about investing and life. That was a really great experience. 10 monts after that trip me and my wife had our firstborn and 2 days after so did my friend and his wife And the cigar. Well it was not truly special smoke. It had perfect draw but was one dimensional. The athmosphere and good company made it truly special.
  11. I don`t understand any of those but it has to be the last one.
  12. I would wait. You can`t smell normally anyway. Any kind of smoke irritates the nasal mucosa. But what do I know. I am only rhinologist.
  13. Those Strykers space suits look great. I am glad you have those. I am rhinologist and we have now cancelled allmost all of our surgeries because of the risk aerosolizing the virus. COVID sucks. Stay safe and healthy my colleague!

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