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  1. 9 hours ago, Rhinoww said:

    Saw my neighbor for the first time in months. He was  smoking a sig IV and asked why he couldn’t find anymore cohibas. I didn’t have the heart to tell him what was going on as he just booked a trip to cuba in October. Just said new pricing policy was rough and supply was waaaay down.  
    I’ll break the news to him slowly. 

    If your neighbor belongs to the new Cohiba target group the price should be meaningless.

  2. 6 hours ago, chris12381 said:

    Cigarstore Hazar 

    Margaretenstr. 42, Vienna 1040, AT
    Great selection and Ercan is very helpful.  I picked up boxes of Austrian Regionals, 1 box of Romeo y Julieta Escudos 2007 EL and 2 boxes of 2002 La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No. 2  several years ago.  Also some singles of Partagas Lusitana Gran Reserva and what was left of a box of very old Punch Royal Selection No. 12.  It was a nice day. 

    Thank you for the advice. I won't expect there to be anything special but I will send them e-mail and ask.

    Any idea of prices in Austria.

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