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  1. H.UPMANN - MAGNUM 46 H.UPMANN SIR WINSTON PARTAGAS 8-9-8 VARNISHED COHIBA SIGLO II The Sir Winston's are in a varnished box that looks absolutely amazing. Once they are done getting through bug control I'll post some pics. Some of these are not my first pics, glad i took a list of about 12 that I would love to get. Still kinda bummed I was not able to get some series D no.4's.
  2. Well I'm back from Cuba. Thanks for all the advise about getting cigars in Varadero. I stopped in at the Calle 63 store and got four boxes. I opened them on the advise from members here, good thing two of them has some mold. The ladies there tried to tell me it is perfectly normal and used the little brush to remove it. I called their BS and told them I was not going to take those and wanted couple new boxes. They let me into the humidor and was able to pick new boxes. So I rummaged though the boxes and found the newest ones. Opened those and no mold. I also did notice a hygrometer in the humidor which read 95% humidity. Thank you guys again from saving me from getting some duds.
  3. I was in Varadareo on tuesday and it seemed to be Ok. the product was behind glass but there was a few large sponges keeping the humidity. Looks like they had lots of stuff in there but I didn't have too much of a look as I had already got my goods at the Calle 63 store.
  4. Crap! We were in Havana the day before it repoened Being in Cuba news does not come easily. Next time i guess.
  5. Heh, I just got back two days ago. Enjoy!
  6. maybe we can sticky one of these threads? I know I would have loved to have something like this the first LFTH I participated in. Maybe add some some important email address like Di's and maybe some rules or educate on the proper way to reserve and email the item you want...
  7. Lots of great movies in the posts so far and lots i've seen a bunch of times but the one that I seem never to get enough of is: The Matrix
  8. Love that lens, I have one too. Like you photography is another hobby for me that is too expensive.
  9. I've done the hair dryer thing on a sticker with OK results. Had another box that i was able to peel off slowly. And why is the one onthe top of the box much harder to remove then the one on the bottom...
  10. That haul from your mule is making my mouth water. I off to Cuba next week so I got to mule my own. Problem is my list is getting too long.
  11. I'm off to Varadero next week and 1966's are on my list, never hurts to ask.
  12. I love the idea too, but I could not bring myself to deface those tubos like that
  13. Do you guys need new hardware?!? Something idiot proof? I'm sure we can get some funds together or donation of a new camera.
  14. are they nice enough to give large bills or will i walk out with wad of cash of 5 and 10's?
  15. I do have my list, but it keeps growing. For the guys who use cash at the LCDH do you exchange it at the airport and carry around possibly $1000+ or exchange it later at a money place in town before you buy?
  16. Sorry for digging up an old thread but anyone been down there recently? Is this LCDH still "under construction"? I'm off to Cuba in a couple weeks and just trying to get all my plans together before I go.
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  18. From the album: Darren's Stuff

    First try to photographing cigars.

    © Darren Podiluk

  19. No problem, this sampler is a great option for noobs. I also got one myself, should keep me busy this summer.
  20. send email to Di, address is in the first post and ask her if there is any left. The two prices are for people in different parts of the world. The first price is for people not in Oz. The second price is the those who are in Oz.
  21. It's taking all my will power to not to support them right now. I may be looking for a new team soon to support...

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