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  1. For those of us that emailed last week, we will be taken care of?
  2. We Calgary/Edmonton botl need to get a Hurf going in Banff. Love to smoke by the pool or over looking the mountains.
  3. Siglo 3 for maybe the last nice day of the year here in Calgary.
  4. try this awesome site to test to see if is just you or not. http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/ and I do show it's down also.
  5. Sure, post the review after you've sold out of them Hope there is another shipment of these, love to get a box of them.
  6. This series is going to be printed and stuck on the wall. I still get confused on what's what. Thank you for doing this!
  7. Nice, thanks for sharing, never been in that factory.
  8. So Apple will add another row or two of icons? Be interesting how well it will go over with the 10 year old girls, might be to big for their hands. I have big hands and a 5" screen is pretty darn big, I can't imaging the Samsung Note... Unfortantly the only way to get the newest OS is to have the latest phone or a nexus phone. This is big problem with Android, there are 10 different versions of the OS on 100 different phones. I choose to root and install CM10 on my phones so I can have all the latest goodies. Also if you don't like the look of your phone you can change any part of it. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mycolorscreen.themer is a new app that makes it easy to change the whole look of the OS. It is in beta and you'll need to sign up for a code but it is so much easier just clicking on a theme then trying to install all the components individually. PS. Swype is the bomb! it is one of the few things I've paid for on my phone.
  9. Crossing fingers that the Flames finish last! We could use a good draft pick...
  10. I'll be keeping my eye out for these. Love to get a box of the first production. I kinda like the new bands and box as well...
  11. A quick google http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/transfer-iphone-contact-to-android/ Once out of the apple ecosystem things get easier to move stuff around as it is not all suck in itunes.
  12. Something special to me today, a Monte 5. My son Alex is had his second birthday yesterday. By chance I got a box from Sept 2011 then same month my son as born. I'm hoping to smoke of of these every year on his birthday and when he is old enough I hope to share one with him.
  13. I too have a cooler for longer storage and its about 65% in there. I also have a desktop that i keep 1 or 2 of each type of cigar in, Its about 60% in there. This keeps me from opening the cooler all the time just to get a smoke(s) out for the day. I really don't plan ahead and just smoke what I feel like at the time. I only plan for the special occasions like my birthday coming up, which I think its going to be a Monte 520...
  14. I have a Tech single for about 2 months and it no longer sparks I've not sent it back yet because not sure if it worth shipping it from Canada.. I also have a Xi1 cutter, nice and sharp but if your not careful you can pinch a finger. These are my first lighter and cutter and bought them because of the lifetime warranty and they are not too expensive. I've been reading the lighter thread and seeing what I might buy next.
  15. No worry's, a big can of xikar cost me like $11 but at the rate i use it it will last me a good while.

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