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  1. I received mine too, much bigger then i'd imagined!
  2. My fingers are crossed that the Canadian dollar will be a bit more purchase friendly in 2017.
  3. Gotta love hot hatches, I have a Fiesta ST and boy it's fun to drive, makes that daily commute a little better.
  4. Mine is like many Quintero Favoritos, don't mind losing or tossing it, only a couple bucks each.
  5. Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians. Hope today finds you with your family enjoying yourself, maybe along with a smoke or two.
  6. Seeing the cigar factory tour brought back memories of going through that factory when I was there.
  7. I've only been here a couple years now but wish it was longer. Keep it up for another 10!
  8. Already started here, one of the Calgary BOTL got laid off this week...
  9. What I did was get a box of 25 that was born the same month as him. I smoke one every year close to his birthday and on his 18 I hope to share one with him. So far three years in and I'm doing great with this plan
  10. I'm surprised anyone is willing to admit to being an Oiler's fan these days... At least the Flames are an entertaining team to watch this year.
  11. This is my biggest fear. Cuba does need the money but I really don't want to see a McDonald's on every corner in Havana...
  12. All the best Alastair, thanks for always fixing my problems!
  13. Well **** times flies doesn't it. I think I was on pogie at the time so I just chilled at home...
  14. We had a G8 here in Calgary a few years ago. Security was tighter but I think it was before 9/11 so was not too crazy.
  15. This microwave charging comes up every year after apple releases a new phone. Nothing really to see just move along.
  16. If I did all my maths correct 56.81978798586572% of my sticks are larger than 48 ring. I really have no preference for any size but I'm finding I'm smoking smaller ones lately.
  17. I use this to monitor my coolidor and other places: http://www.amazon.com/Ambient-Weather-WS-10-8-Channel-Thermo-Hygrometer/dp/B00FX8ZGOO/ works really well. I have some in the house, outside, in the garage, basement, coolers, even my beer fridge...
  18. Happy Fathers Day's dads! ESPLENDIDOS that was part of a Christmas gift exchange.

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