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  1. The Japanese cricket tweet was the tournament highlight for us
  2. We are truly appalling at the moment, glad I haven't had time to watch it! The way the the coaching, captaincy and team have been handled at board level is ridiculous
  3. Last had a cigar in october, the situation will thankfully be rectified Tomorrow. I will be smoking my new order during the Football tomorrow
  4. Im currently at 0 til my next order arrives , time to build the stock up my humidor has been empty far too long.
  5. RIP Phil Hughes Always seemed an absolute gent
  6. Congratulations to you Aussies, mercifully I haven't had chance to watch more than a few hours, I was hoping we would make it to the Boxing Day test with the series still alive as I can go nocturnal for that one! Clarke and Lehman deserve some serious credit for this total Reversal, didn't see this coming even though I felt the Aussies had a good chance in this series
  7. Interesting stuff on the bodyline series Ken, Simon Hughes covered it in his book ''and god created cricket'' he also goes into the gentleman/professional situation and how backwards English cricket was/is, very interesting book if you can get your hands on it!
  8. It will definitely give you guys some impetus and make it more interesting, and make our batsmen pull there heads from their arses. Only made it 5 overs into out innings thankfully the weekend is here so I can catch plenty more
  9. Well, that's quite a shock to wake up to! Our batsmen letting our bowlers down, again. Was it good bowling or lack of application? Looks like our usual 1st test capitulation has struck again. I dreamt we would be all out for 234.....if only
  10. Looks like you have us just where you want us lads, we have a good batting line up but we don't make enough runs on a consistent basis for my liking!
  11. Thats the 1st thing i thought of when i saw the thread title, inspired
  12. If you dont mind me asking Blakes where did you get your wineador? PM me if you prefer

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