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  1. 2016 prices: Welcome Dinner - Meliá Cohiba (100 CUC) Playa Day (Club Habana?) (75 CUC) Hector Luis finca (75 CUC) Gala Dinner (170 CUC) 2017 prices: Welcome Dinner - 150 CUC Playa Day - 80 CUC Hector Luis finca/Countryside 300 CUC Gala Dinner - 250 CUC I couldn't find 2018 prices but I think they are the easiest ones with a little search.
  2. No but if you search for "Partagás festival" in the title search you will find a thread where I posted some recent years price.
  3. Very common in online auctions. The problem is the "professional" snipers in live floor auctions. The bastard is paid just to raise the max bid and as a professional he knows when to stop. But live floor auctions is another game. And a dangerous game if you are not cold enough to play it.
  4. I would marry a Cuban woman. Win/win situation ?
  5. Sorry, guys, I didnt read all the posts but I can confirm: a) the old partagas factory will be going to turn in a "cigar hotel"; b) there is a new partagas factory where there are tours (Calle San Carlos in Central Havana).
  6. Hey, guys, I want to tell you that I am facing some dark clouds in my life at the moment. Marriage stuff. If I stop posting and someone wants to contact me try the inbox or my personal email (handle in Hotmail). I like you all (most of you ?). See you
  7. This is the info I got. Not 100% sure but I think at least there will be a regional with this name.
  8. I love the "cuban" flag in the picture 4 original link https://www.la-croix.com/Culture/Diner-blanc-Cuba-pique-nique-francais-ambiance-americaine-2019-04-07-1301013973 google translation
  9. Dinner in white in Cuba: French picnic and American atmosphere Guests at the "Dinner in White", in the gardens of the Hotel Nacional, April 6, 2019 in Havana, Cuba / AFP "Dress all in white, the atmosphere, the champagne, the glitter, I love!": Like Kay Barns, coming from Florida, hundreds of Americans participated Saturday night at the first White Dinner of Cuba, a giant picnic good chic good kind of French inspiration. Ignoring the diplomatic tensions between Havana and Washington, the event was held in the gardens overlooking the sea of the Hotel Nacional, the iconic resort of Ava Gardner, Frank Sinatra or Marlon Brando. Tradition requires, the place had been kept secret until the last minute. Extravagant outfits, masks and feathered hats were out for this orchestra-led dinner, which was attended by about 500 people, including 80% Americans and about 70 Cubans. Guests at the "Dinner in White" in the gardens of the Hotel Nacional, April 6, 2019 in Havana, Cuba / AFP "Look how beautiful it is, a sea of colors, a sea of nationalities, all gathered here in Cuba, what a wonderful symbol of unity," rejoiced Kay, sporting a wreath of white feathers. Aged 43, she is almost a professional of the Dinner in White, which she attended Saturday at the 47th edition. - 90 dinners in the world - Because this picnic from France is now an international success, organized in 90 cities including New York, Bangkok or Sydney. François Pasquier, creator of the "Dinner in White", and guests in the gardens of the Hotel Nacional, on April 6, 2019 in Havana, Cuba / AFP "The dinner in white is born from a lack of space in my garden," AFP François Pasquier, who came to Cuba specifically for the occasion, told AFP. It was he who, in 1988, had the idea to invite his friends to picnic in the Bois de Boulogne, on the outskirts of Paris, with instructions to dress in white so that everyone can find yourself easily. Over the years, the number of guests has continued to swell, the notoriety of the event too. Then his son Aymeric, also in Havana Saturday night, launched the international adventure, first in Montreal in 2009 and then in New York in 2012. Guests at the "Dinner in White" in the gardens of the Hotel Nacional, April 6, 2019 in Havana, Cuba / AFP "It was a success and a lot of people wanted to do the same thing, so we decided to help them, rather than trying to organize blank dinners around the world, and give them the right to use the brand. ", become a franchise, he says. But Cuba offered an additional difficulty, because the target audience was essentially the Americans, who are not allowed to go as simple tourists on the communist island. - "Nose to History" - Guests at the "Dinner in White", in the gardens of the Hotel Nacional, April 6, 2019 in Havana, Cuba / AFP To enter the categories of American travelers allowed to come, the guests had to participate in music or dance workshops, as part of their stay, the travel agency offering all-inclusive packages at rates of around $ 1,000. Given the specificity of the island, this time they did not have to bring tables, folding chairs or dishes, or to cook, but chose between different paying menus. Guests at the "Dinner in White" in the gardens of the Hotel Nacional, April 6, 2019 in Havana, Cuba / AFP Originally scheduled for late November 2018, the White Dinner had to be postponed after many cancellations by Americans, cooled by the Washington speech, which recently tightened its embargo against Cuba, in force since 1962, and threatens new sanctions. This time, they were there to wave their white towel in the air, the signal that traditionally kicks off dinner. "There is a majority of Americans here, which is even more fun because they are historical symbols that come together, France, the United States, the Cubans themselves, everyone sitting at the table. same table, all in white: it is a beautiful symbol and a nice nose of History ", confides Aymeric Pasquier. Guests at the "Dinner in White", in the gardens of the Hotel Nacional, April 6, 2019 in Havana, Cuba / AFP Among the few Cubans present at the dinner, Maricela Alvaro, 56, came with eight family members and says she is "fascinated" by the event: "It's wonderful!" Even if the rates were reduced for the locals, she says that "it was a sacrifice of the whole family so that one can participate", in this country where the average wage is 30 dollars per month, and regrets not not have put more original outfit, "like foreigners". But she is delighted to see this mix between Cubans and Americans: "We must build the future, not live in the past."
  10. thanks. I just tried to point, without sucess, that this is an international forum so to have better answers it would be good to indicate temperature in both systems. maybe it's time to use Kelvin!
  11. I am pretty sure some aussie members will contact you. They stayed a couple of days there last november before going to cuba. Rob told me about a vip lounge but I think just if a member invites you can enter. Panama being a tax haven things can get expensive there.
  12. Monday has been used to be the accreditation day. I would like to have events on Monday but as the Encuentro Partagás is getting bigger and bigger they can't have accreditation and dinner in the same day I guess. Maybe if the accreditation was during the prior weekend this could work.
  13. I am reconsidering if I am really not going. Dates so close will result in some downsides IMO (higher prices in restaurants, less hotels/casas available, less "hard to find" cigars in the shops...) but on the hand maybe it will be interesting to be in Plaza de la Revolución during festivities. I always attend welcome dinner. Some friends say the Wednesday/Thursday events are fun. To do those days won't hurt and you will make new friends. It's not a bad ideia. Good point about parties during anniversary week but unless you have some connections to go to invitation only events, you will be in the same bars that people go throughout the year. Welcome dinner usually on Tuesday.
  14. I think some of us already used Via Azul to move around Cuba. The office has just moved from close to the Zoo to Plaza de le Revolución. Google translation after the Spanish original message: La Empresa de Ómnibus Nacionales (EON), integrada a la OSDE-GEA (Grupo Empresarial de Servicios de Transporte Automotor), informa que a partir del 22 de marzo de 2019 a las 00:00 horas, todos los servicios que se prestan por la Agencia Comercializadora VIAZUL, ubicada en Ave. 26 y Zoológico, Nuevo Vedado, se trasladan para la Estación Central de Ómnibus Nacionales, situada en Ave Independencia # 101 esq. 19 de Mayo, municipio Plaza de la Revolución. En una primera etapa, para los pasajeros que por diferentes motivos desconozcan la información, se mantendrá un servicio gratuito de traslado desde la estación de 26 hacia la nueva ubicación. El cambio responde a la reorganización e integración de los servicios de nuestra empresa, esperando que nuestros clientes disculpen las molestias que les pueda ocasionar. Para recibir información al respecto usted podrá comunicarse por los teléfonos 7870-9401 al 06 extensión 100 en la Estación Central de Ómnibus Nacionales o por el 260 3300 extensiones 104 y 121 correspondiente a VIAZUL. Cualquier duda e inquietud puede consultarnos a [email protected] The National Bus Company (EON), integrated to the OSDE-GEA (Automotive Transport Services Business Group), informs that from March 22, 2019 at 00:00 hours, all the services provided by the VIAZUL Commercialization Agency, located on Ave. 26 and Zoológico, Nuevo Vedado, they move to the National Bus Station, located at Ave Independencia # 101 esq. May 19, municipality Plaza de la Revolución. In a first stage, for passengers who for different reasons are unaware of the information, a free transfer service will be maintained from station 26 to the new location. The change responds to the reorganization and integration of the services of our company, hoping that our customers apologize for any inconvenience that may cause. To receive information about this, you can communicate by telephone 7870-9401 to 06 extension 100 at the Central National Bus Station or 260 3300 extensions 104 and 121 corresponding to VIAZUL. Any questions and concerns you can contact us at [email protected]
  15. There is no "enough" cash when we are in buying cigars in Cuba...
  16. They don't care if it's fake or not. They just want to sell it.
  17. . I bring something like 5 cigars just in case. Usually buy custom rolled and smoke there. The boxes I buy come back untouched
  18. I confess I didn't know that and apparently everybody does. Fun fact: the butter we use at home is french.
  19. 99% I heart. why? easier and shows my approval.

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