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  1. Can't help you with fishing spots but would love to meet up for a cigar or two. Corona cigar as most will tell you is the place to go. There are three in the Orlando area. The sand lake road location is probably closest to the Rosen but if you want to venture downtown to see the wildlife, there is a corona smack in the middle of downtown Orlando.
  2. U.S. Vs Cuba soccer tonight in the quarterfinals. Cuba has already had 4 defectors. Will be fun to watch regardless.
  3. My grandfather used to give me the band off his cigars and I'd wear them like a ring all day when I was very young. Always been around cigar smoke and enjoyed the aromas. And it's very lucky to smoke in casinos.
  4. I heard that the CoRos on the 24:24 sold out before I got any
  5. I like to refer to tax day as "file my extension day"
  6. Your hand picked Mag 46s are out of this world. I've smoked my fair share of these over the years and this box is up there with the best. As I told you in the email, you really do know what you are doing.
  7. Squandered my ass. Best Qb in the draft by far. You'll see.
  8. I love morning cigars. Mostly PEs. But also monte 4, upman pc or aged RASS nice with my cafe as well
  9. Im with Studon. I smoke more PE's than anything. And I love PSD4, RASS, JL2 and occasional CoRos
  10. RASS before dinner, Edmundo after dinner. Sublime at midnight. At least that's the plan now. Happy holidays everyone
  11. Rivalry weekend for college football. Having a party for Florida State vs Florida. Go Noles!

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