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  1. Instruct him that he has to take them out of the tube before he lights them.
  2. Too big. All he had was 56 or 58 ring gauge.
  3. Foil is from Jose at Club Habana. Monsdale blend robusto extras. Delicious. Bag is from Hector Luis Proeto farm. ?
  4. Same here. I’ve had mine for a few years and love it. But I really like the new design.
  5. Guess I would order another Aristocrat and stock up.
  6. I tried some with the Aussies in Havana. Not bad on toast with butter. I ended up ordering some but it’s been siting in my cupboard untouched. I imagine that it will survive a nuclear attack and I’ll try it agin then.
  7. It’s not as bad as Shlomo says. Lol. And ABC just picked it up for another season so that means people are watching it.
  8. Dogs. Chopper 10 years old on the left and Mattis 1 year old on the right.
  9. I recently binge watched Bosch on Netflix. Great detective show based on a book series.
  10. Another great iron bowl. My prediction for playoffs are auburn. Clemson. Oklahoma. And Alabama gets in.
  11. I will be there next month and will check it out for sure! Thanks
  12. Although not a PC a monte PE is my favorit morning cigar.
  13. Clash of clans. Boom beach. Star Wars commander, which is like clash of clans but in the Star Wars world
  14. I live three miles from Disney and trust me, I hate it more than you. :
  15. Three of my favorite things. Cigars, motorcyles, and bulldogs!
  16. Great write up and photos Andy. Thanks for sharing.

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