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  1. As soon as my first order of HDM Epicure #2 get delivered I plan on storing them for a while.
  2. Ohh, coffee and cigars. Too bad I can't smoke where I work, but I think I'm one of the only people with a coffee grinder at my work. That cabinet is awesome, too.
  3. I've just gotten to the point of telling my wife that she's right, even if she is not, it's not the cowards way out but more of a tactical way to not waste time in an argument that I will never win.
  4. I never fished on Lake Geneva, but I love the town. Up here on the lakes around the Hayward area we have a lot of good fishing, but I try to leave the Northern till the ice fishing. As far as the smokes if you want the good stuff you obviously have to bring your own.
  5. Beer, or Micheladas to be more specific.
  6. I got married. I usually tell people I came up here for the deer hunting, which is good, but is no substitute for Whataburger and Diet Big Red. We will move back to Texas when I retire, I have some property I am thinking about purchasing on the Gulf down by Kingsville, south of Corpus.
  7. This time in my life I find myself buying and letting my cigars age, my problem is storage space.
  8. By any other name it is still Miles Davis, you can't mistake that album.
  9. Nah, just because we, the USA, beat that other team by 40 the other day doesn't mean we good, per se.
  10. You have to figure the humidity and temperature are never a constant during growing seasons but the plant still survives, so there is going to be some fluctuation, just keep the humidity and temperature within range and you should be okay. Of course I could be wrong, I grow more greenbeans and tomatos than tobacco.
  11. This just about seals the deal, I think this will be my first CC I will try.
  12. Stevie Ray Vaughn - Live Alive Anoushka Shankar - Live from Carnagie Hall Dropkick Murphys - Live on St. Patrick's Day from Boston, MA Tinariwen - Radio Tisdas Sessions And anything by Wille Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash
  13. Thanks everyone for the welcome. I'm not too far from Ashland about 40 minutes away, came here from Kingsville Texas.
  14. Hey folks, greetings from Northern Wisconsin. If you see pictures of our state in the Winter you might mistake us for Norway but eh, whats the difference if its 30 below (F) here or in Norway, cold is cold. I work in the Public Sector, but I'll just keep the details to a minimum on that. I come from far South Texas and got in to cigars long ago when a kid could buy a machine made cigar from the local store for about a quater. I am pretty loyal to the brands I smoke but I try different brands so I can broaden my horizons. I have never had a Cuban Cigar but in the recent months I and my extended family have been trying other brands like crazy and we have reached this fork in the road. I found this community through some research online and hope to learn a lot. I probably wont post a whole lot because I like to watch and learn, besides my best forum posting days are behind me now. I look forward to contributing what I can to the conversations and learning from from the rest.

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