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  1. I found 2012/2013 production was terrible for stalks/stems, I was forever puling them out.
  2. Surprise box! No.2 outside, Especiales inside. 😂
  3. They should have left Trini alone as a peace offering for taking Cohiba away.
  4. Unless one plans to live off grid or there is political upheaval there is not much one can do in relation to the power companies. None of us 'need' to smoke cigars.
  5. A decade of smoking between 1 - 3 cigars a day I've probably only ever smoked about a dozen or two NC's. Up until now I've never felt the need to give them much time as the ones I have tried never did anything for me, and CC's were always reasonable. Now I'll be exploring NC's more seriously - HSA is literally opening the door and inviting in its competitors. This seems the most likely outcome for me also.
  6. I bought my last box of 52's at £195 - I remember complaining at the time £19.50 on a cigar was ridiculous! 🙃
  7. RyJ is a strange Marca for me. It's the only marca where I find the wrapper shade is essential as to whether I like them or not. Multiple boxes, vitolas and years - it's always the same. If they don't have the wrapper shade I find them 'meh' at best, sometimes barely palatable, herbal and wishy washy. With the right ones they are among my favourite marcas. Go figure!? Out of all the vitolas the Petit Corona is the one I keep going back to, and stock up on, they seem to just have the right blend that delivers for me. Leather, spice, musty attic (with a little age), rose petals, Turkish delight.. and they have been remarkably consistent from box to box, given the right wrapper as mentioned. I agree with Nico above, I do think they need age, around 4 years on them and they really start to shine. For me, when on, they are the best RyJ offer.
  8. The Upmann and Monte half coronas have proved popular. Extending those into the brands in question would provide an affordable introduction to those who aren't familiar with the marca.
  9. The new QDO bands are awful. The only new bands that look any good and feel 'Cuban' are from the Italian RE's - La Escepcion and the Flor de Cano Casanova. Everything else looks like a bad NC rip off. Edit: The RA bands on the Extra and Swiss Perfecto are spot on too.
  10. In this context Christmas was cruel to me - though it did not seem it at the time! Start weight as of 11th Jan - 91.9 kg

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