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  1. Happy birthday Di! I hope you have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day!!
  2. haha. not quite so dramatic though. Normally I would agree but I smoked it very slowly and it also depends on the cigar sometimes. In this case it really didn't affect the flavors enough that it was noticeable. Very enjoyable cigar. I gave it a 92 score.
  3. Really? I think i would of been in contention to win that with this ash! oh well...bad timing! but i really enjoyed the cigar and the progression of that ash! haha no! sitting down but keeping my cigar up when i saw the ash starting to get long. certainly wasn't expecting it to go all the way!
  4. Good thing a got me self a cab! excellent news indeed!!! Thanks for the review!
  5. Just tough I'd share this. The cigar, Quai d'Orsay Capitolio. Enjoyed indoors, so out of the effects of the elements. The ash, well pretty amazing!!! and yes no trickery...its real!!
  6. Well Well! I really wasn't expecting to have this cigars as a fav! Always wanted to try them but never pulled the trigger on a box until recently, and WOW was I impressed! I don't see them as harsh or strong but rather full of dark cherries with a floral base and some milk chocolate mixed in. its really tasty and I love them! and so young! can't wait to see how they progressively develop. Am I the only one who characterizes the cazadores in this way?
  7. to me the la trova tops them all. plus it's the same size as the 1966 Cohiba LE, which i love!
  8. 62 - 63. and yes that's also fine for aging. I have 2000+ cigars and many are 8 + years old now. sampling them from year to year as mostly been an improvement on them.
  9. its about time they reviewed my favorite cohiba of all time! the V !!
  10. can't vote for Joker, Pheonix was great but is performance alone should not influence the movie itself, which was just good. As a movie in its entirety, Ad Astra and Ford vs Ferrari stand out from what i've seen. the Irishman, all the hype around it, it was just ok. much prefer Goodfellas by far from scorcese. i'm not even sure about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, i honestly found most of it pointless unless you don't have a clue how holllywood works. i'm not even sure it needed the mason story in there at all! love Tarantino but his last 2 movies were just ok. i've heard good things about Knives Out, be looking at that soon!
  11. i see you got the same factory code as my box, mind is from '07 though. i've probably had about 8 cigars out of the box over 10 years and to me the cigars are all class! never had one with champagne though. i should try that sometime.
  12. its hard to tell when it comes to aging when you have so many factors in play. i would concur with the keeping it in the boxes for the long haul(extreme aging), just because you have it in a micro climate condition(the box) so its more stabilized and it would keep it stable for a longer period if anything would happen with the outside humidity fluctuating now and then. but i do tend to smoke my aged cigars within a 10 year limit because i rarely see improvements after that period for most cigars. the're still very enjoyable but they do tend to lose a little bit of that intensity.
  13. aged or not aged CC's...i've been storing them between 61-63 RH and 66-70 temp and they've been smoking great! But like Rob as mentioned a lot of times, cigars are more resilient than most people think. So the conditions can be somewhat variable. the key thing is to make sure that when you do light them up, the RH isn't too high as general rule.
  14. i've got a box of these. smoked about half of them. really good cigars, very PL like. i'm putting the rest for a long sleep, i think they will be even better then. What i would love to see would be a box of PL Magnums or a 50 cab of des dieux. that would be nice!
  15. yup. love the cigars oasis. i have had them since i restarted enjoying cigars 7+ years ago. no issues except one that i dropped that broke, that one is on me!

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