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  1. Actually I would say they're fairly apolitical based on the discussions I've listened to. They're all academics, and most of them seem genuinely interested in finding out information. The biggest issue is that most of the studies they're presented with have poor or incomplete data, and/or the experts that are providing that information can't answer basic questions that are asked because the area hasn't been researched. There's one of the panelist members, I believe he's a Professor, and he's asked some laser focused questions that highlight most of the information being presented on health risks, advertising and usage with kids doesn't control for 'premium cigars' at all, which is what they're supposed to be investigating. I hope I have the opportunity to address the panel on Thursday when they release their findings.
  2. I just finished watching over 7 hours of the NASEM panel meetings, the group who was tasked by the FDA to study premium cigars as a category for health impacts, how they're marketed, etc. My takeaways: The panel essentially knows nothing about cigars. Most of the experts believe that there is not a significant difference between a cigarillo and a premium hand made cigar There is next to zero solid scientific study data available controlled for premium hand made cigars and cigar smokers Their report is being released next Thursday morning, and I will be attending the session I am expecting a worse case scenario after listening to the evidence and discussions so far If you asked me: Do I believe that this panel would find that cigar companies like Privada or JSK have marketed towards kids based on the packaging? The answer would confidently be yes, absolutely, 100% this panel would find that.
  3. Well I'm glad you asked! Saturday I'm participating in a battle of the bands, 90's edition show with Will Cooper, Dave Burck (American living in Australia!), and Hector Alfonso Sr. from Espinosa for the show Cigar Jukebox. Somehow I also need to fit in 3 or 4 reviews as the weather here has warmed up but as a result we're getting absolutely dumped on with snow which makes smoking just as challenging. Can't fall behind.
  4. For all the review cigars I paste them in my review book. It makes for a quick visual reference to what that review is. For cigars I smoke for enjoyment I just toss them.
  5. Illusione Black Works / Black Label Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust JRE Espinosa Joya de Nicaragua Maya Selva Southern Draw Oscar Valladeras HVC Plasencia AGANORSA If he's looking for specific recommendations then I'd pretty much just point him to our last 3 years of top 25 lists.
  6. Not by reasonable people no, but the FDA isn't reasonable people. They've been gunning for cigars for a while now, and they've made it crystal clear they're focused on whether cigars are being sold and marketed towards kids. As @Fuzz said above, you take away the cigar branding and show the packaging to a non-cigar person, they'll think it's candy or something marketed towards kids. And the FDA is going to nail the entire industry with it.
  7. I'm confident I could walk over to the store I helped open down the street and take some pictures Maybe I should do just that.
  8. Well I guess that answers the thread from last year about whether Cuban tobacco uses pesticide.
  9. I think some of us were anticipating this, but Alex officially announced on Facebook today he is applying for a green card in the US and intends to stay permanently in California.
  10. I shouldn't have engaged in this discussion topic in the first place, so I'll bow out after this. Even if the entire armed forces of Ukraine along with it's government were Nazi's, it does not give the right for Russia (or any country) to invade them. This is what I was referring to a page ago; these are all distractions from the core issue which was Russia using anything as a justification for invasion.
  11. El Presidente already got there before I did but there are plenty of white nationalist groups in the US and Canada. That doesn't justify smearing either country with a broad paint brush of being Nazi's, nor does it justify an invasion from another country.
  12. Bold claims require bold evidence.
  13. Three bands! Man I love the flavor of three bands, it just tastes like tobacco artistry.
  14. Ah for the record that is not whataboutism. Whatboutism is 'well the US invaded Iraq and that was wrong' as a way of moving the narrative off the current event. For sure. And of course both are wrong. The UN has lofty goals but like the League of Nations before it, all the members are going to sit by wringing their hands as an invasion takes place.
  15. Whataboutism in this case is comparing the pending invasion of Ukraine by Russia to anything the US has done in the past. There is no justification for the invasion of Ukraine, and it doesn't matter how any media site decides to spin it for their political/corporate/alien overlords.
  16. Invading other countries is bad, mmmkay. Using whataboutism to justify it is bad, mmmkay. Don't invade other countres, mmmkay. This PSA brought to you by a Canadian who has countrymen used as peacekeepers around the world.
  17. Today's interesting fact: Outside of Russia and Ukraine, the largest population of Ukranians in the world are in Canada.

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