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  1. On 6/26/2022 at 9:03 PM, Puros Y Vino said:

    1. Regular Production (including LCDH). 

    Montecristo Open Eagle. (lifeless and bland. Runner up Double Edmundo)

    2. Limited Edition

    Trinidad Short Robustos T


    1. Montecristo Open Eagle / Montecristo Double Edmundo.

    2. LE ... Romeo y Julieta Anejados

    I'd say it was as if I was smoking CC leaf farts, but I feel like even those would have more flavor. They're like the white bread of cigars. 

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  2. 15 hours ago, El Presidente said:

    Excellent review :clap:

    I am intrigued why so many NC's (particularly Nics) start off straight pepper before quickly moving on to a distinct/pleasant profile. 

    Deliberate placement of the ligero. I don't get it myself, I've had a number of NCs now where they place it more in the middle so the cigar starts out creamy and then moves up to pepper or intense spices which I think is a better strategy.


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  3. This album was nominated for the best album of the 90s show for Cigar Jukebox and I had a lot of commentary being a long time Metallica fan.

    This album was both great for metal as a genre, and terrible for Metallica as a band. This album made radio play of metal possible and no doubt brought legions of new fans to Metallica that didn't exist before.

    But if you listen to Justice, and then you listen to the Black album, man these songs are just a shadow of what the band was.

    For the metal genre this was like a 9/10. For long time Metallica fans I think this was like a 2/10.

    My 1.55 cents.

    Also '89 Grammys. Never forget.

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  4. We were just chatting about this last night while burning some Habanos.

    I think it's interesting that my stash of Cubans continue to increase in value and enjoyment over time, and yet my horde of NCs, many of them limited and hard to find, truly remain at the same level as current pricing despite many being at 10 years or over.

    Some stronger NCs can definitely mellow or harmonize to be more approachable after 9 months or more resting but I think ultimately if they're quite full bodied or very spicy, and that's not really your thing, they probably won't become that much better. Connecticut or lighter blended NCs can become quite soft when aged for too long and certainly will age out entirely.

    In general I've found smoking after a few months after purchase, especially for new releases, they'll be at peak smokability.

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