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  1. Glad you like the RyJ robusto. I've tried a few but never liked any of them which really annoyed as I'd spent an age tracking them down. I ended up selling the remainder of the box (except for one....couldn't let them all go lol)
  2. I have a 50 cab of RUA JUL10 and a 25 of TEM NOV09 on the go and they're both amazing. Of all the hundreds of cigars I've smoked, the JL2 has never once let me down either through flavour or being plugged/tight. Every one makes me question why I smoke anything else
  3. Juan Lopez #2 is a masterpiece as is the H Upmann Mag 46. BBF also gets my vote as does the Bolivar GC On balance, the JL2 is my go-to stick and has been for years now
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome chaps and chapesses
  5. ha ha nice to see you here Styler
  6. Gorda and churchill for me. I only smoke a few a week and usually with a beer and a film so I prefer a longer smoke. Mind you, a DC takes some beating!!
  7. Marbella with a side-order of Gibraltar whoo!! Looking forward to getting some UK REs at decent prices
  8. I got a couple when they first came out. I've only smoked the one but was very impressed. I'm not a fan of SP in the slightest so was quite surprised how good it was....definitely worth raking around for some!
  9. After a very long hunt, I tracked down a box of the Andorran Juan Lopez RE in Barcelona. Beautiful eh? Now to find the Austrian RE!!!
  10. Hey chaps. Just a wee introduction I'm a 43yo pharmacist working in the Dundee area. I smoke only CCs and only 3-4 weekly My all time fave stick is JL#2. I just live them to bits Steve PS What does PSP mean?

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