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  1. I've always liked them but once the trust I've only ever smoked a couple of boxes.
    In Tuesday I bought a box here in Madrid with a FEB22 box code. The shop had another 5 or 6 boxes in stock

    BTW there isn't much stock in Madrid at all. Monte 4, RyJ tubos here and there but almost every shop is wiped out with empty boxes on display.
    Zero Cohiba at all but I found a fair few Trinidad at the new prices....probably why they're still in stock

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  2. Habanos_Nr.34_01.07.2022_final.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1iRb2B44GoEJTNyO2o0GVptbACSgkAlluKXX4NVwjKVibOJWu-BDdlxEM
    Cohiba, Trinidad have been raised the most - no surprise here
    Montecristo 1935 and Romeo's Linea De Oro almost tripled - which is kinda rough and unexpected.
    Regular cigars were raised in the usual 5-10% range I'd say.
    Horrible to see the 1935 Dumas jump so much. Amazing cigar but I won't be paying that for them. Nearly 2 boxes left so I'll go slow....

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  3. I have pledged for the Ultimate Collector's bundle. How do I change my pledge to add the 'add ons'. When I click on 'add ons' nothing happens?
    If you're using the app, click "Manage" at the bottom right then the ellipsis at the top right. Then click "Choose another reward" then "Continue" and do your thing

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