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  1. I second what Baldy says about the Northern Harvest rye. I like it. Forty Creek Confederation oak reserve I would highly recommend for a Canadian whiskey. Canadian Club 12yr is a staple as is the Collingwood for a smoother lighter Canuck drop. Another vote for Alberta Springs for one with a nice rye bite. I like rye... hmm, who'da thought. i haven't tried a Sullivan's Cove Taz/Oz malt that I didn't like
  2. Excellent review video gents! Geez Jerr, looks like you had a case of the "jimmy-legs" right up until the bug bite. Hope you survived man
  3. Are those real places or ones from a hobbit book? ? Sadly, I know nothing of world travel. I do know Canada fits none of the three requirements mentioned
  4. Thank you kindly! I will enjoy one very soon
  5. I will have to try one soon then! So they are ready and approachable?
  6. I believe this is commonly known as the "bragas de ángeles" affect, or "angels panties" to translate. A known side affect of being rolled upon wholesome virgin thighs. The more sullied the torcedor, the darker the ash. Thought everybody knew that
  7. I don't warrant any thanks whatsoever. The folks involved with this other site do if their intentions are honest. I really haven't the foggiest on how these sites work, I just tend to fluke into finding stuff
  8. The Ash comment is hilarious! I've had every shade of white, grey, and black in my experiences. Strange comment made to incite argument maybe? Sublime NC marketing ploy? Hahaha!
  9. This links seems to work... http://cubancigarwebsite.greatcanadiancigarheist.com/
  10. I haven't been posting a ton here lately, but still replenishing some tasty bottles. These two were a gift from a good friend Some nice Canadian and US juices to switch things up a bit The Tomnabat Hill is a spectacular drop and I will enjoy getting to know this complex dram Some Costco grabs. May have to try one of the bottles of port to see if I should stash away a few more I can never run out of the Bowmore 12 My first go at the newer style packaging on the Tali DE. Really like the stuff Never tried anything but the regular version of the Dalwhinnie and the price was right. Great colour Cheers!
  11. I have found that cigars are a lot tougher then people tend to think. Ive had packages sit in my mail box for a good week here in sunny Alberta at -25 and lit one up frozen solid while tossing the rest in the humi. I would maybe let them thaw a bit to avoid risk of condensation but normally they go straight to bed in the humi
  12. Best of luck with the repairs. Such a valuable service to the community
  13. I'm a wood erection specialist. Mostly commercial and multi-family construction, crane op, and diesel mech. I think I'm down to under a thousand sticks since I've pretty much quit buying boxes for awhile.

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