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  1. Just wondering, as I'm sure other qualifiers are, if this is still happening?
  2. Well at least if it does fall in China or Russia, God forbid in a populated area, they might be more interested on pulling the leash on their little buddy. Troubling news any way you look at it.
  3. The price alone on the Siglo VI's would scare me off, then that story you got you definately close the door. I wouldn't risk it.
  4. And I don't think anyone is putting you on blast Fuzz, you were only doing your duty nothing more. I wouldn't want that responsibility for all the tea in China.
  5. My arguement is not that we should be free to type like we are taking type from a sailor, but simply that if used properly words that are given that much power can be used to express emotion in an otherwise indifferent form of online communication. Case in point: Anger, Frustration, Determination All displayed in proper context that would be assumed by someone making a statement with feeling associated as such. Now show me the person who was upset or slighted by the use of these words of emotional outburst? I most certainly wasn't, as a matter of fact I was impressed to see Rob express his emotion truthfully without censor, it shows charecter. And in closing, if you are worried about people abusing profanity in this private forum, are they really people you want camaraderie with anyways?
  6. C'mon Dave, you should have realised that it was going to cross a boundary, yes I had a giggle, but at the same time I knew it was going to be policed. I mean there was a picture earlier this year taken down because Kate Whatsherface had too much cleavage shown. It would seem there are a few people that take offense to such things for some reason, and because of it there is a wide (albeit silly if you ask me) rule net cast over it to protect the all encompassing. I leave it with this, I do not agree with the all the rules though I still try to abide by them, as I'm sure you do, but this time you got caught in the net, and I would just take it in stride and let it go.
  7. I think the degree of what is considered cussing/foul language should be re-evaluated, I got censored for a penis synonym that was in no way dirty or obscene in another thread just now and it seems a bit silly.
  8. I do have to agree a pink penis dangling around seems a bit too much. Edit: Really sch-long is considered a censored word? I mean seriously...

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