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  1. Like the good ol mullet, business in the the front and party in the back. Got to love a Sandman.
  2. I highly recommend the me wah resturant, i have been to the one in hobart a few times and am always very impressed. There is also one in launceston, i havnt been to that one but all reports it is just as impressive. As for wine the tamar valley. The wall at derwent bridge is def worth a look if u get up that way.
  3. My fav rye would have to be old overholt in an old fashioned while enjoying a cigar, just hard to come by here.
  4. Id have to go for my fav smoke party 898 and then spend whats left on some rass
  5. Blanton's would be my favorite. On a trip to the states last year i managed to visit Tombstone where i tried Old Overholt rye, best rye i have had.
  6. I started wet shaving about 18 months ago and havnt looked back. My skin is so much healthier, i actually look forward to shaving now.
  7. He's done a fantastic job to make the 53. I was hoping he would be cut and picked up by the Texans ( lol give me a reason to watch them ). I think he might see the odd 3rd down play at RB, but I think most of his game time will come on special teams in his first year.
  8. I have converted one of my zippo's with a Vector insert about 18 months ago, still happy with it.
  9. First album: kiss Dynasty (still have it) Concert: James Reyne

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