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  1. I'm down. I'll be done with my degree by then sounds like a nice reward for a few years of hard work. Plus get to meet more of you face to face.
  2. These arrived today. BTO JUN12. I'm excited. First box of behikes, smoked quite a few but have to wonder how much of the price is the packaging. It's amazing packaging but you can't really smoke the packaging.
  3. My neighborhood is ridiculous. We live in a town of about 10k. We had 10 hug bags of candy and we ran out in two hours!!!
  4. Bolivar PC Cohiba Siglo VI Cohiba Lancero Montecristo N 2 Partagas 898 H Upmann Sir Winston Trinidad Reyes Juan Lopez #2 Hoyo de Monterey #1 Punch Punch Ramon Allones Specially Select RyJ Short Churchill
  5. Kinda crazy. Amazes me how a pigeon can be trained to do that.
  6. Welcome from Scottsbluff! Great place to be. You will learn a lot and meet some great people.
  7. Same here but it is nice that you can add to it. I still use the older version before it was purchased. Works well for me.
  8. Thank goodness. I should have looked carefully. However, with the way everything is progressing this day and age I wouldn't doubt that imaginary soccer or any sport would be on the list in the near future. I think the next generation won't even have grades in school. Doesn't failing a course demean and lower the self esteem of children!?!
  9. WTF! This is ridiculous. If you imagine you are good at a sport doesn't make you good at a sport. If I imagine I am a uber billionaire that doesn't make me a billionaire. I think this crosses a line. It's a competitive sport because there is a winner and a loser. Not everyone can win!
  10. Vegueros Espesciales No. 2 SEP01. Great evening and change of pace.
  11. Vegueros Especiales No. 2 SCO SEP01 A very different cigar than I'm use to. Hope you enjoy. Construction: Nice medium brown wrapper. I can't find a soft spot and a nicely packed foot. I clipped the perfect pigtail cap and a great draw with just a little resistance. Cold Draw: Lots of roasted nuts and dried hay. First Third: Lots of dried hay and grassy flavors. Lots of smoke that leaves a very creamy feel in the mouth. The end of the first third became really sweet, then surprisingly quickly went out on me. Second Third The sweetness that I thought would carry through is back to the dried grass and vegetal flavor. Also what I could best describe as black licorice. Final Third: Now a complete change and it is a lovely chocolate and sweetness to the nub. This is definitely a fantastic change of pace. Love the smaller RG to a lot of what is coming out now. A wonderful hour and a half. Great decision on this box. Now will have to consider a box of the Esp. no 1s.
  12. These are the N. 2. Once the rest for a while I'll do a review.
  13. These were on my front porch this morning.

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