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  1. Two while studying for Advanced Cardiac Life Support class. '12 sig VI that has been recovering for 4 months after being in La La land for over a year. Coming along nicely. Followed by a LGC MdO 4
  2. I would say as long as you trust the vendor, it is another case of Cuba being Cuba.
  3. For St Pattys day and my 30th birthday '99 Boli CE And a few from the other day.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I stopped by Edwards a while ago when I was in Fort Collins. Barlows looks amazing but I don't think we are going to make it that far. But I will definitely remember it for the future.
  5. Hey Guys, Wife is taking me to Greeley for my 30th birthday and wants to find a place for us to enjoy a cigar. Is there any lounges in Greeley, Ft Collins, Loveland area that we should look at? Thanks!
  6. Was planning on being in Phoenix again but my schedule got moved around. It looks like it will be November the next time I make it down to Phoenix. I'll let you know and hopefully we can all meet up again. I really enjoyed the last time we all got together.
  7. Having the same issue with tapatalk. Thanks for all of your hard work. We all know how difficult it is to perform an upgrade with not having major hiccups. This has gone very smoothly! Kudos
  8. I've got sleep apnea and snore like a freight train if I don't wear my CPAP when I sleep. So for me it doesn't matter if I smoke or not. Although before I had CPAP I would routinely get a punch in the arm for waking my wife up with my snoring every night.
  9. Congrats in the anniversary. The wife and I are going out to dinner and then going to enjoy a cigar and a dram around the firepit at the bar we are going to. Long crappy week and needing a nice night with the wife.
  10. Will you adopt me! I can't stop sitting in amazement of you're fantastic collection.
  11. Pretty sure I would like work even more if this was my office! Welcome
  12. I'm up for these as long as they are not through the roof. I'm a huge perfecto fan.
  13. The biggest issue I have is the fact that it has to be news. I'm Christian and believe homosexuality to be sin; however, that also doesn't mean that I'm incapable of loving that person as a human and interacting with that person. I most certainly do things that others would consider unmoral or sin. The root of the bible is that we are not all perfect. I won't go further because of the religious implications as this is a cigar forum and pretty sure religious debates are against the FoH mantra. As Skyfall said earlier what makes us civilized is the fact we have differing opinions and to debate is fine but don't get upset when the other side doesn't magically agree with you. To me, and I believe to the original question, isn't there more to report on in the world than the sexual orientation of a football player?
  14. I'm kind of a hoarder of lighters. I've got ones from the cheap Ronsons from walmart or walgreens but my favorite two are my Maxijet and then my colibri dual flame that is both a soft flame and a torch.
  15. My box of LGC MdO4s showed up Saturday. Such a wonderful thing!

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