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  1. Completely agree about getting a temperature controlled unit unless you have a cool dark location in you house. Also how ever big you decide to get at least double that. I am now on my third large desktop humidor and the only reason I haven't bought a huge cabinet is because my wife would kill me and bury me in a field.
  2. Those are some great pictures. Hopefully someday before I die I will be able to make that trip.
  3. Just bought your new humidy bead system for my new humidor. Love you product and vote daily. Good luck and I hope you make it.
  4. I just got done using the seasoning packets on my new humidor. They worked perfectly. I would prefer if they were cheaper. It seamed pretty expensive to season my new 500 ct.
  5. I would let them sit for a while and let them even back out to avoid burn and draw issues.
  6. So true on the uncertainty of dealing with a lot of vendors online. So glad I found a place like FoH to be able to discuss cigars. And definitely nice to know that a cigar fanatic like rob takes such a devoted interest in the cigars he supplies.
  7. They are 100% fake. Within the Cohiba brand there are two lineas. The Linea clasica which includes the robusto, esplendido, and lancero which were introduced the first go around. Then in 1992 to celebrate the 500th year of Columbus discovering the new word the Linea 1492 was introduced which includes the Siglo I, II, III, VI, V, and VI. So sorry to say but the robusto should not have a silk ribbon that says Linea 1492.
  8. Too bad. Its definitely the thought that counts.
  9. It was a Cohiba Siglo II on my honeymoon. Fantastic cigar that started everything right in my cigar life.
  10. I agree as long as they are not flavored there should not be a very noticeable effect. Although I do have to say the OCD comes out in me and as I separate my CC and NC with at least with a divider for organizational purposes.
  11. Hey all, I'm going to have my first child this July. I am wanting to buy a couple boxes for the occasion. Probably one to have to celebrate the day and a box or two to stick away and age as my child gets older. What suggestions do you all have for a box that is smoking great right now and what suggestions do you all have to stick away and age?
  12. I'm heading to Vegas again next month. Every time I've been to Vegas I make it a point to go to Casa Fuente. Great cigars, girls to look at and mojitos. They have a very good house blend that is made specifically for the shop.
  13. I usually tend towards the Cuban side; however, it seems to me that you can have good cigars and bad cigars equally either Cuban or non Cuban however I think that because of the shear volume of non Cuban cigars and new brands loping up that the likelyhood of finding a bad non Cuban is higher.
  14. The comments after each cigar is fantastic. You give a great insight into each of the cigars. Awesome thank you!
  15. A cigar out of the same box that started me. A Cohiba Siglo II from 2006. I still have 5 out of that vary box that I bought in 2008. Not to over powering but a great smoke all around.
  16. Hello everyone, I'm from the middle of nowhere in Nebraska in the USA. Found my first CDH 4 years ago in Mexico and have been hooked ever since. Love learning and talking about cigars, golf and cars as much as I can. Even to the point of annoying my wife. I look forward to getting to know some of you and learning from everyone.

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