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  1. Depending on what it is for, the shear act of disclosing 1-3 a week will be enough to get tagged as a smoker regardless of the test results.
  2. Depends on if I need to free the space up in the humidor or not.
  3. Looks like everyone already broke it trying in anticipation. ?
  4. Package is dropped off and on it’s way [email protected] Thought I would get updated pictures out of all the cigars at this point. All of them are in great condition.
  5. The box arrived safe and sound this afternoon [email protected] It was a cracker of a tape job!!! I’ve really enjoyed watching the pass evolve and it is a great thing to see the same journal from the pass back in 2013! It is great to even to see some of these fantastic cigars. Even though I wanted to go through and lick and fondle each and every one, I restrained myself. Below is the list of puts/takes. Puts: Bolivar Corona Extra (dress box) - CSU-VC-3 (1998) El Rey Del Mundo Grandes de España - RPO AUG02 El Rey Del Mundo Petit Corona - EUS JUL11 Cohiba Lancero - BTO MAY13 El Rey Del Mundo Lonsdale - (1998) I can read the box code any longer so if you can make it out, you have better eyes than I do.) Takes: El Rey Del Mundo Gran Corona - RPO ABR01 Sancho Panza Sanchos - HTM ABR04 Bolivar Regentes - OSU ABR01 H Upmann Sir Winston - ARG AUG14 Punch Super Selección No.1 - PUT FEB07 I threw a little something in [email protected] for all his hard work. Once approved, I’ll get these out in the mail. Will probably replace the outer box as it seems a little worn down from its travels across the country.
  6. Some time with a RACF and some Red Breast 12 watching football.
  7. Hurt my arm training at the gym so gives me nothing but time to watch some baseball and smoke some cigars. Friday night LRE APR10 Cohiba Robusto. It was amazing down to 1 left going to need to restock. Saturday night was something special. It was part of a trade 5 years ago and I haven’t brought myself to smoke it til tonight. 2001 Bolivar Demi Tasse. It was fantastic, not your typical Bolivar flavors. The Demi Tasse is a great size. I wish these were still around although I’m still happy with the ERDM.
  8. I love 914s. Have been a huge fan my whole life. My first car was a 72 914 orange with the orange tartan interior. I've had five different ones through my life.
  9. I'm in. I was in the last one you ran and enjoyed it. Thanks for doing this again.
  10. I had used mobile stogie as well until it stopped being updated and then would not display properly and then would finally crash. Luckily I used the export feature before it completely became unless and then used the exported excel as the basis of my current excel spreadsheet that I use for tracking now. So long story short: +1 for excel
  11. Bought my sub nearly 10 years ago. Absolutely love it. Have worn it almost everyday and in every situation and it has never failed me. I just picked up a 1970 Omega Seamaster as my second. It wasn't running and was filthy, had a cracked crystal but after a service it turned out to be a fantastic watch.
  12. ARA MAR01 Dip No.1 after stuffing Easter eggs, dinner with friends and a Saturday night Easter Service. Happy Easter everyone.
  13. Had a box of Siglo VI and a box of RaCF travel across the globe for over a year. They finally showed up. The RACF didn't quite make the cut most of the wrappers had become compromised and after 2 years of trying to rehydrate them got pitched but the Siglo VI didn't seem too bad. Mostly cracks at the foot of the cigar mostly caused by me trying to rehydrate them too quickly. Maybe the wrapper with the perfecto size was a little bit more finicky. However I've kept the Siglo VI some have been okay some have been pitched a few mils in, some have become more of a Robusto because of cracked wrappers but as with all cigars its about the experience and personal enjoyment. Keep'em smoke'em and if good great if not pitch, life will move on and there will always be another cigar/experience.
  14. jacktarnold


    I love the original Ghostbusters; but when I watched the trailer I couldn't believe it. I'll end up watching it but no way in the theater but only when if finally hits Redbox. I refuse to pay more than $1.27 to watch it.
  15. ERDM Grandes de España (RPO AUG02) watching the Super Bowl
  16. Went happy hour hopping with the wife and ended at a local cigar bar. They had just got a couple boxes of hamlet's cigar in. Tried the corona. Usually don't enjoy enjoy many non Cubans but was enjoyable. First have was nice but the second just wanted to knock you down, kick you around and then steal your wallet.
  17. Well when the wife and I moved a year ago a man room was on my wish list for the new house. Didn't quite get it. At least I was able to get my man nook!
  18. I'm in. I tied for the win a few years ago after I ballooned up after my daughter was born and was able to drop over 30kg. I managed to keep up until after I got done with school, switched to night shift and had my son. (Night shift is a killer with two small kids)
  19. It wasn't bad but didn't make me run out and want to buy more.
  20. Cabs of 50: Bolivar Corona Extra Trinidad Fundadores Boxes of: ERDM Grandes de España Cohiba Corona Especiales
  21. From what I've been told it's an issue getting the marble. I've been trying to get one for months now.
  22. You might want to be more specific. Rob will just break out the Cuaba for you!
  23. Have a couple boxes of the Demi Tasse and absolutely have loved them. Have smoked about half a box and haven't had any issues with them.
  24. Absolutely love the CoLa. I'm a skinny fan. CoLa, Fundys, Demi Tasse and LGC N4 are among my favorites and in my regular rotation.

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