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  1. I started this hobby very early, around 18 I just liked collecting cigars and going to various cigar events. You will run into these situations many times, being 18-25 your collection is just starting as well as knowledge. I’ve been invited to wine clubs before, and I find one main difference (Once again this is my experience and not indicative for all wine clubs) is that you need to pay to play - vintage wines are expensive as well as buying cases of wine to collect. Bringing a cheap and cheerful bottle that you can afford for example on a18-21 yr old budget isn’t the best look at a wine club "but just my experience". I'm not saying there isn’t cigar snobs / clubs out there but in my experience cigar culture cares more about your character when you are at the club or lounge or herf. Someone hands you a cigar mind your manners a “thank you” can I get you a drink, what are you drinking? Ask the event organizer if they need a hand setting up or something even if they don’t just ask. Shake a person’s hand introducing yourself get to know your community and they will then know where you are starting your cigar journey. Overall there are cigars for every price point and every type of person, cigar smokers like to smoke with people that enhance the already great cigar experience... So be that person. Jason55555
  2. Your best memory of those early years? I joined this community in 2012 and now I’m 30ish...some years old which makes me a old man…. LOL the best years were trying various brands of NC & Cuban cigars. Figuring out the flavors of each marca and seeing what I enjoy in terms of “smoke flavor profile” and what I don’t like. Your biggest regret? When you buy a box of cigars that you “Love” or for the “Hype” or lastly that you want to “Age” (Keep for future potential taste or collectability) Try to buy an extra box, but if that is not in your financial wheelhouse buy a 1 single or a few spares. Things you would you have done differently - your best piece of advice for newcomers? Differently nothing its just like smoking cigars its a journey just enjoy it - Best piece of advice…. Don’t worry so much your humidity it is going to go off the rails and most of the time your cigars are not ruined, my cigars still taste amazing. Don’t worry about getting every LE or hottest Cuban cigars get what you can, when you can. Lastly reviews are not are not the gospel everyone has their own flavor pallet. You might taste a different flavor or like a different length or ring gauge BUT plz smoke one first and then make up your own dam mind. Cheers!
  3. Was up North for the weekend in Aurora morning was great +9 but at night throw the wind into it we were getting close to -9 to -10
  4. It’s an unusually warm day today -10C …LOL we are still in a semi lock down in our country and province. We have finally been given the ok to safely go out and mingle again so today decided to hit the indoor golf range and then pick up a cigar. I decided to go buy a cigar instead of digging in my humidor because our local tobacconist are getting crushed and not to mention the @#@#! A$$ new laws that strips all logos and cigar bands…but do not want to go down that route…happy thoughts. Its cold and I need something that’s manageable. Por Larrañaga always catches my eye in a humidor and I usually go for the Montecarlos or Petite corona but this time I saw a nice dark wrapper and to my surprise its was a Panetela of all things so why not. I get it and the new copy of CA the Panetela and crack a Jack and Coke. 1st The first light is filled with a flora flavor and a hit of dirt which I never tasted in a cigar I guess its border line earthy. You can taste a salt twang and the smoke is a thick viscous smoke that stays in your mouth, surprisingly no tobacco flavor. I was afraid the Jack & Coke would add sweetness to cigar, but I got nothing. 2nd The thick viscous smoke turns in pure butter its like you left butter outside to melt and took a spoonful and now the tobacco shows up. 3rd Butter thick smoke fades away and its now your usually typical Cuban hay, tobacco, and black coffee. Final Score: My score for this cigar is solid 87 for any seasoned cigar smoker this won’t provide you with the journey of flavors but for me its just enough to appreciate the brand and the blending of tobacco. Also the price point is a major winner at 11 CAD. This is the cigar you recommend or give to the newbie cigar smoker you wont break the bank and they get to taste quality Cuban tobacco. I don't see putting these down for 5-10 years will do anything. Cheers!
  5. Recently I bought a new 6ft cabinet humidor it was used and was neglected, I could tell sometimes bit to much humidification was used and then not any at all. Still it was in great condition and I bought it the price was too good to pass up. I'm currently giving the humidor a facelift (COVID times so something to pass the time). My question is with the Spanish cedar inside of it, when I stick my face in the humidor I smell the spicy Spanish cedar...but not the level I want it. I've been reading that a quick sanding using a 400 grit sandpaper should bring back the smell but when I tested a shelf I got no such luck. I don't smell a thing. ***Plz note the whole humidor is Spanish cedar lined so I'm careful not to sand to much or to hard. I also pulled a old small Cohiba Spanish cedar insert and tried sanding it too in order to get a smell...but another goose egg no smell. Sooooo now I'm thinking maybe I need the humidification to start running inside the humidor and then get the RH up to get that Spanish cedar smell really going. Is there anyone that can back up this theory up or maybe give insight on how to rejuvenate Spanish cedar? Thanks!
  6. I've had the same problem with my cigars and 95% of my cigars are for aging I keep a religious 65 - 62 RH. As members said check the RH and adjust it, the humidity in the humidor it is probably to high. Then salt test your hydrometers in your humidor it doesn't matter digital or analog many times this could be the problem. Over the years I found that every time anytime I replace a battery etc etc a simple salt test shows...Wow this is wayyyy off. Next brush down cigars and keep on keeping on. I've had D4's - 2011 25 cab with the same problem white "mold" on caps and even more on the bottom row of cigars. I brushed them off kept them then just adjusted humidity....and this year I had one and gotta say one of the best cigars I've had in awhile it reassured me why I age all these cigars I've horded. The only time you should be scared to smoke cigars is if the mold is on the foot of the cigar, from what I've been told when there is mold on the foot of a cigar it means mold can be on the inside the cigar that you cant see and probably shouldn't smoke. Is it Mold or Plume? Its every cigar owners guessing game just double check RH and go from there.
  7. Thanks @Fosgate great insight and interesting information I've never heard that about Fans causing advanced aging.
  8. Since the start of winter I've discovered the Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto, these have been smoking great - Cream, Cedar, Toasty Sweetness, Coffee notes.
  9. So after the post "Another Wineador Conversation...." I decided move away from my dead wineador with Spanish cedar shelves to pull the trigger and got this. Now Some Help.... 1. Humidification - Boveda vs Heartfelt Beads vs Cigar Oasis Yes. I know everyone has there personal preference and what works for them but for humidor of this size 6ft by 22" aka 10-20Cubic what would you recommend and what has worked the best for members? Also I keep all my cigars at 65% (Gotta say only read nothing but grief about Cigar Oasis when searching threads) 2. Smart Hygrometer - Boveda Smart Hygrometer vs Random Amazon Hydrometers vs Any Recommendations Just wanted to pick members brains here any good/great ones they have purchased with a great working App and accurate? 3. Lastly any care tips, suggestions & tricks I should know about when dealing with a humidor of this size. Example. From searching our forums a few computer fans are a must inside to circulate air. Thanks for passing on any knowledge! Cheers.
  10. Very interesting. One wonders how long this will last aka "the back and forth embargo" is this just temp until a new admin comes in and takes is all away for votes.. who knows. Only thing that is a head scratcher is how will it effect Cuban Cigar production? New American buyers means new demand = quality going down / or does it mean a update of factories equipment and quality goes up?
  11. Deff don't know how to feel about this without being over "sensitive" but..... Chinese food packaging cigars to celebrate Chinese New Year...come on Punch marketing team lol jezzzz I'm sure the Asian market around the world will want these smokes to bring in the Chinese New Year with friends and family hahahah. It also seems that you can get Punch Egg Roll, & Punch Chop Sue cigars too.....God?
  12. Interesting I do believe that I ran into excess moisture over the years due to trying to keep the cigars at that 18C. I recently found a place in Toronto that cuts and sells Spanish cedar so maybe even making a cab might be better to hold growing collection or just keep fridge line it with cedar and keep in a cool spot. ?
  13. I've been trying to age my cigars so I've always kept those cigars at 65RH 65, once again seems like that is the magical number for aging. I'm just talking a stab in the dark but I'm assuming that 65/65 helps keep the oils longer?
  14. Ok I've been racking my brain over the past few days going over old threads, other websites, and Youtube videos ( CigarClimatology great info btw ) about building a Wineador and the pro and cons of various storage ex. wineador, air seal tubber, cabinet. I've come to a intellectual impasse of information and will throw it out to the forum now. That being said I've build 2 thermoelectric wineador's in the past and they have worked great, a few days ago one of my wineador's kicked the bucket R.I.P. so now I find myself reassessing my storage methods. Once again I never had problems with the wineador ( I had it pluged in at 18C and drain hole sealed and it kept a decent 65% ) .....it wasn't always the most steadfast stable atmosphere it had swings but it got the job done and most important the cigars smoked fine. Now the kicker and the question that I know will spawn various opinions and responses LOL 1. Should I just leave my cigars in my wineador and keep RH steady and not worry to much about high temps going into summer? Sooooo then in that case maybe I should now invest in a large cabinet humidor instead of buying a even larger wine cooler fridge? (Because like all of us the collection is in constant growth) I wonder if a consistent temp is as important as RH.... I've walked into many cigar shop humidors and don't feel a difference in temp most the time its not at the "Ideal" 18C. I keep my cigars at 65% RH and worry about higher temps in summer time will cause crazy fluctuations and high temps will begin the process of drying out some of the oils in my cigars. What to do What to do.... Thanks!!! ?

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