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  1. First the Hoyo de Monterrey Humidor and now this!!! Let's see, food or Jar/Ashtray, food or Jar/Ashtray, mmmmm, what the hell I need help on my diet in any case!!! LOL Email sent.
  2. I live in Japan so I thought I'd answer your question to Leif. No worries what so ever about bring cigars into Japan, you're allowed up to 100 cigars duty free; actual law is 100 cigars or 400 cigarettes, or if a mixture of the two then 500 grams total weight.
  3. Excellent choice. I purchased one a few months ago and it looks and works great.
  4. As an ex-contractor in one of my "former lives" all of the above suggestions are good, but the one item that will normally always get a contractor back to complete the work as agreed or correct omissions / mistakes is making sure to have a "hold back" of 15% give or take of the agreed upon total contract amount. This 15% constitutes a good portion of the contractors profit for the job. Never pay the 15% until you are satisfied. Just my "two cents".
  5. After months of agonizing research between other vehicles, finally "pulled the trigger" and picked up this 328i;
  6. PM sent for the second box. I managed to purchased a box earlier this year and they are suberb!!!

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