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  1. OK...Love both the HDMs and the Demi Tasse... Romeo y Julieta Petit Julietas are next....hehehehehe
  2. My wife can bake....desserts and stuff...but she doens't cook's like chewin on a boot! "I wanna make sure it's done"! But she cleans up my mess!
  3. Ribeyes for us....Just me and the Wifey and daughter and boyfirend. Baked potatoes, salad, Texas Toast!
  4. OK....Just got a little surprise from one that nobody really talks about, that I smoked today. Inexpensive smoke... Somebody gifted me a Quintero....A Nacionales I Believe...Maybe a Brevas. About 5.5 x 40... I was a little taken aback....Med in Body and spicy with a little coffee. The burn was perfect and the draw was smooth and easy with lots of smoke...Dark ash... Not a stellar smoke by any stretch of the imagination, but quite enjoyable! Thoughts?
  5. Ugly little jokers but really good....Great 20-25 mins. Med. Coffee, cinnamon

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