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  1. Ramon Allones Allones Extra 2011 Edicion Limitada...a lot of potential but very bitter.
  2. 1.) SCDLH Principes 2.) Trinidad Reyes 3.) Partagas Mille Fleurs 4.) Bolivar Petit Corona 5.) Punch Coronations
  3. This is me from 1999. Fishing off Kona Coast in Hawaii. I remember catching these little guys all day long. My father hooked a Black Marlin, Dorado, and Wahoo. The Dorado was 1.58 meters long (62").
  4. Thanks for the tip. Is it difficult to find in the states?
  5. Hehe, well I turned 21 just a couple months ago. I'm going to try to make it down there sometime next week...haven't been there yet.
  6. I really enjoyed them. They were a 92-93 smoke for me. Very smooth and not harsh like many current production Partagas.
  7. Siglo I for me....first cuban cigar I had and now my favorite.
  8. There are quite a few boxes of the whole line still...mainly at LCDHs...
  9. Yes I have heard of it. Nice little café in North Beach!
  10. I really like Lagavulin 16 and Oban 14...though the Lagavulin might be too peaty and iodiny for a "noob". I'm a noob though and I have taken a liking to the real strong peaty ones. Macallan 12 and Glenlivet 12 are pretty good as well.
  11. Thanks all for the warm welcome!
  12. Hey all, I've been smoking cigars for the past 3 years. I mainly stick to cuban cigars as they are actually cheaper than NCs...and of course, they are 100x times better. I've been a member of Cigaraficionado forums for a while and hope to meet some new people on this forum. My go-to stick is the RyJ Cazadores and HDM No.2.

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