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  1. Biggest snub goes to the shark in Ace Ventura Pet Detective!...
  2. Would love to see the Italians take the trophy home... A European team has never won on South American soil, it'll be tough. Brazil and Argentina look strong as well... Should be a very entertaining tournament!
  3. The Pack picking up Julius Peppers!.... Very exciting. made some key re-signings as well... BJ Raji, Sam Shields. Overall good free agency, typically the Packers go after no one! Go Pack Go!
  4. Hello to all... Been smoking through a 10 box of partagas serie d 4s. First few sticks... Brilliant... Delicious, I love partagas, and these had been everything I'd expect from them and more. The last 3 that I've smoked, however, the wrappers have been impossible to keep lit. It's been very strange and unlike anything I've experienced before. I keep my humidor at 65% humidity, and the box had been resting in my humidor for about 8 months now... Anyone else come across this before?
  5. I own a verismo system by Starbucks... Same sort of deal (capsule coffee)... I absolutely love it as I am a Starbucks advocate. Have tried the Nespresso as well and was also impressed.
  6. Whoops!.. looks like they've been all claimed.. I missed that... enjoy to those who got them!
  7. Let's go.... Blue Jays.... LET"S.... PLAY..... BALL!!!!

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