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Friends of el Habano (FOH) brings cigar lovers from all corners of the world together, be it online on the FOH forum or in person. Fraternity, Friendship, Laughter, and Loyalty: these are the very foundations upon which FOH is built. Our community was borne out of the love of Cuban cigars but defines itself by how it treats and interacts with its members.

Enjoy the FOH cigar forum. Explore it at your own pace. To the right are a few buttons to get the ball rolling… Join our Cuban cigar discussion community. It's free and it's fun.

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Like a Sergio Leone extreme close-up, FOH.tv exposes the nitty-gritty others don’t explore or dare even mention. If you want the good oil on cigars out there in the market, tune in to this B-grade like Australian version of Waiting For Godot to witness endearing irrelevancies and an ultimately fearless commentary from two clueless legends fixated on striking fear into the soul of the Evil Cigar Empire. Or something like that...

But seriously, people, the Cuban cigar reviews and Cuban cigar discussion are top shelf. Trust us.

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With these new features FOH cigars brings you the ability to truly rip into the Cuban cigars online culture. Check each of them out; immerse and enjoy! It’s a free playground in which to ham it up a little and add to the friendship and good times of the community. Get a little crazy if you like, but, as always, respect others. It’s a little like running with scissors, except without the scissors. More like running with cigars, actually. Go nuts, just don’t burn anyone in the process. In sum: read, write, engage, contribute, smoke, and be merry! You decide your level of involvement in the cigar discussion forum. FOHcus, FOHbia, and FOHtos, provide the chance to enjoy the Friends of el Habano community just that little bit more.

*All content will be vetted and approved by FOH staff. As in the Cuban cigar forum, posting of any inappropriate material will result in user restrictions or account deletion.

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